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ようこそWhat is Japanese Barbecue?

Yakiniku 焼肉 (Japanese Barbecue) refers to thinly sliced, bite sized pieces of meat that are grilled by diners at each table. Yakiniku is steeped in rich history and cultural background. Korean migrant laborers are known for introducing barbeque to the Japanese during the Korean war. Due to its incredible popularity, there are well over 20,000 yakiniku restaurants in Japan today.

食通Come experience why yakiniku is so big in Japan.

Umami’s upscale buffet features 20-30 epicurean selections of meat and vegetables including: New York strip steak, harami skirt steak, Kurobuta (Japanese Black Pig), wagyu beef, Kobe style beef, Australian lamb as well as many other unique cuts and marinades. Umami’s Side Dish Buffet includes premium rice, sushi, shrimp, gyoza (potstickers), ahi poke, salads and much more.

Traditional to Japanese barbecue, there are sauces at every table to dip your meat and veggies in as they come off the grill. Each table at Umami is arrayed with three sauces including garlic shoyu, hokkaido miso apple, and roasted sesame.

メイヤード反応Smokeless Grills

In the center of every table is a top-of-the line gas Shinpo grill imported from Japan. Holes around the top ring of the grill ventilate any smoke and grease down through the ground. This means that you will not leave Umami smelling like smoke on a business meeting or date. The smokeless technology allows you to set the grill at a well-suited heat to avoid long cooking times and more importantly get the ever so coveted maillard reaction that creates browning and caramelization. Your meat will envelop in a smoky grilled flavor, but you will not. Don’t worry, as the rings around the grill never get hot, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or yourself getting burned.

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